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Volunteer Information

Volunteers are an important part of our service to patrons at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Their efforts and dedication enrich our programs in countless ways. From inspecting books to recording them, volunteers make it happen at the Library for the Blind.

If you are interested in exploring a unique opportunity to make a difference at the Library for the Blind, please call 215-683-3213 or 800-222-1754 and ask to speak to our Volunteer Coordinator, or submit our online application

We have many volunteer opportunities that help support the work of the Library and the needs of the readers. Whether you have a little time or a lot of time, your willingness to provide assistance to the library will help to enhance the lives of our patrons.

Our volunteers include a broad cross section of the local community, high school students to retired individuals, people with and without handicaps, groups and individuals.

A few examples of jobs are:

Recorded Cassette Inspection Specialist
Mail Dispatcher
Audio Production/ Machine Technician
Magazine and Catalog Assistant

Thank you for your interest in the volunteer opportunities available at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. If your are available for any volunteer positions, please fill out the online volunteer application, or call the library at (800) 222-1754.

Recorded Cassette Inspection Specialist
Duties Include:
* Open and inspect cassette books for missing or broken tapes
* Check contents of containers for accurate number of tapes
* Check contents for correct titles
* Rewind all tapes to the beginning as needed
* Check for damage
* Sorting cassettes to appropriate areas, including Recirculation, master collection, stacks, damaged beyond repair, etc.

Mail Dispatcher
Duties Include:

* Unpack and sort bulk mail materials to be distributed to four floors of operation in the workplace.
* Open daily first class mail for routing to various individuals and departments
* Recycle publications to complete the total mailing for titles fewer in number that the subscriber list.
* Handle mailing of requested Braille tax forms, applications, catalogs, etc.
* Unloading of book totes, trays and trucks, including stacking and sorting as needed

Audio Production/ Machine Technician
Duties Include:

* Duplicate audio cassette in quantity
* Check cassettes that have been duplicated
* Repack cassette, including all labeling.
* Recharge batteries of playback machines.
* Clean playback equipment.
* Restock playback equipment for distribution to individuals and agencies
* Perform work-related duties as needed

Magazine and Catalog Assistant
Duties Include:

* Check in magazines and catalogs
* Organize materials by media and title under the supervision of a team leader
* Prepare material to be sent to patrons
* Restock catalogs and publications

Duties Include:

* Reading printed material aloud such as magazines, textbooks, and popular literature
* Operate necessary equipment and arrangement of material to be read aloud
* Produce recorded material in a timely manner